Mathers leads effort to build concession stand for youth baseball field

A project involving The Mathers Team and the Waynesboro Generals to build a concession stand for the new youth baseball field at North Park in Waynesboro is nearing completion.

“We read about the project in the newspaper where the City Council was having problems funding the concession stand. With the Major League Baseball grant for putting the lights and helping build the field, we thought it would ba a good opportunity for our group of companies, the Waynesboro Generals and Waynesboro Amateur Athletics, to impact the community by soliciting support to build a concession stand,” said David T. Gauldin II, the executive vice president of The Mathers Team, the co-owner of the Waynesboro Generals and a board member of Waynesboro Amateur Athletics, which runs the Generals, a summer college baseball team.

Mathers and the Generals – and a group of local businesses including Davis Masonry & Construction, Virginia Frame, Staunton Lime Co., Allied Concrete, Valley Building Supply and Shen-Valley GarageDoor – donated time, money and materials to the project – more than $22,000 all told.

“They’ve donated labor, materials, actual money out of their pocket to help create a concession stand that the league is going to be able to use to raise money to keep costs low, because they use the concession stand to buy uniforms and put other monies back into the league. It was a great win-win for us as a community,” said Dwayne Jones, the director of parks and recreation in Waynesboro.

Danny Ledford, the president of the Waynesboro Youth Cal Ripken League, and also coaches in the youth baseball league, sees the new concession stand as a final piece of the puzzle at the new North Park field.

“The lights give us a lot of opportunities to play evening games. It’s a gift when Mathers Construction, Linco and the Waynesboro Generals gave us money for the concession stand, and the Baseball Tomorrow Foundation gave us money for the field. It really opened up a new avenue for Waynesboro youth baseball and youth softball,” Ledford said.