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Projects: White Wave Foods

Location: Mount Crawford, Va.

Project #1 Description: A 32-foot extension of an existing tank hall that includes two new tank foundations, one on each side of the new hall. The tank foundations will allow the addition of four new tanks. Mathers was responsible for the general works package, which is the on-grade infrastructure including the concrete foundations, slab on grade and minor demolition work.

Project #2 Description:  The expansion of a filler room area had Mathers’ crews working to enlarge an interior production room to accommodate a new piece of filler equipment. The project included insulated wall panels and ceiling panels, plumbing and mechanical work and process piping for Bosch Inc., who installed the filler equipment.

Project #3 Description: An upgrade to the employee amenities area at the White Wave facility. That work included renovation of the existing men’s and women’s restroom and locker room areas, the employee break room, cafeteria and courtyard. Work focused on installation of new plumbing, fixtures, all new cafeteria amenities and new floor finishes.